Poultry Multivitamin

Poultry Multivitamin

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An excellent way to give your birds a boost.

Chicken Vet Poultry Multivitamins is a concentrated supplement formulated by poultry vets and nutritionists. They are intended to supplement the drinking water of poultry at times of poor condition or decreased appetite and contain a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with the addition of specialist essential oils and antioxidants. This makes these multivitamins the ideal choice for many health scenarios.

At certain times, chickens can benefit from additional nutrients to give support to their system.
These help stabilise the internal balance, as some nutrients are used up faster or are required in larger quantities particularly during times of challenge or stress. A disruption to the balance can induce a decreased appetite, therefore reducing feed intake and egg production. As chickens usually continue to drink, the addition of supplementary vitamins to the drinking water help support the bird, as they will be ingesting more of these vital nutrients through their water.

Challenges can appear at any time due to a variety of environmental, pathogenic or performance related factors, for example, during moulting, peak egg production, when new birds are added to a group or during poor health status. The inclusion of a balanced range of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids helps sustain chickens during recovery and at times of risk when proactive supplementation is key (high temperature, wet and humid conditions).

Chicken Vet Poultry Multivitamins are supported by additions of natural ingredients:
• Antioxidant blend from ingredients renowned for their potency
• Natural prebiotic fibres, feeding the healthy gut bacteria in the bird’s digestive system
• Essential oils from Oregano

The combination of palatable Oregano, known for its antibacterial properties, prebiotics and natural antioxidants help maintain a healthy gut environment and development of a natural immune system, which are so important to maintain a healthy productive flock.
Research suggests that a healthy supplementation of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can have a beneficial effect on egg quality and egg production.

Instructions for use
Dilute 15ml of Poultry Multivitamins into 2 litres of clean water. Use for 5 days following the introduction of birds into your coop. Use for 3-5 days if your birds are challenged with disease or an illness. Use for up to 7 days during moulting.
For other challenge periods not mentioned above, use for 3-5 days.