We strive to keep and breed a high quality flock of pure and rare breeds. We feel it is important to protect and encourage the rare breeds for future generations to enjoy. Pure breeds carry important, irreplaceable genes, some of the breeds we breed are the last in the UK. 

All our birds are reared in a free range environment with unrestricted access to feed, water, and grazing. We are passionate that all our animals have an excellent quality of life and they are healthy. 

During breeding seasons, birds are separated into breeds and colours, so we can guarantee there is no cross breeding. They have amble space, still able to free range in spacious pens. We hatch and rear everything on site from our own flock. Every season, only the very best birds are chosen to breed from. 

Sadly for 2023, we have decided not to breed from our own flock. Please visit our "Chickens" page to find out about our poultry partner.