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Chicken Coop Raised

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Developed in the UK over two decades (previously under the name Green Frog Designs), our chicken coops have been designed for the wellbeing and comfort of your flock. Now called Nestera, we have improved our coops to guarantee easy cleaning while offering unparalleled durability.

Our coops are available in three sizes to accommodate between 2-15 hens. Each small coop is equipped with one perch and one nesting box, with two perches and two nesting boxes in the medium and large models.

Our raised coops are elevated 45cm off the ground, making them even easier to clean and collect eggs. This additional space also allows your hens to take shelter from bad weather under the hen house.

Guaranteed Comfort

Adjustable ventilation and excellent thermal insulation offer comfortable temperatures all year round, while the rounded edges of the raised perches ensure a peaceful night's sleep for your birds.

Easy Cleaning

Large rear hatches, roofs and easily removable nesting boxes offer full access to the interior for quick and easy cleaning. Chickens' health is our no.1 priority, and our coops guarantee improved hygiene by making regular cleaning quick and easy.

Red Mite Resistant

Nestera coops leave nowhere for red mites to hide and reproduce. Using recycled plastic for our chicken coops instead of wood ensures cleaning is easy. Red mite prevention is a big issue for chicken keepers but our customers often find they no longer have problems with infestations.

Unbeatable Durability

Made from 9mm-thick 100% recycled plastic, our coops don't just minimise environmental impact but also offer a lifespan far greater than any of our competitors. When it comes to weather protection, our coops are durable, resistant to UV and won't degrade over time - which is why we guarantee them for 25 years! Your chickens will stay dry and protected in their Nestera coop - whatever the weather.

Upgrade Your Coop

Have you checked out our range of accessories? We offer a removable wheel set to easily move your coop to a different spot, removable droppings trays for quick and easy cleaning, ChickenGuard Premium Eco automatic door openers and extendable runs to provide your flock a secure outside space up to 3 metres in length (currently only available on raised model).