Magellan Goose

Magellan Goose

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The Magellan Goose, also known as the Upland Goose, is a sheldgoose and is indigenous to the southern part of South America.

The Magellan Goose has an upright stance and powerful legs which have evolved for walking, running and feeding on land by grazing on short grass.

The Magellan Goose is threatened due to loss of habitat and hunting, it is currently classed as Least Concern.

600mm to 720mm (24" to 28")

Appearance - Male
The male has a White head, neck and breast, Brown eyes, Black bill, Black barred wings, Green/Bronze speculum. The tail is Black and the Legs and feet are Black.

Appearance - Female
The female has Brown plumage with Black barred wings. The legs and feet are Yellow.

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