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We breed all ducks here onsite in our waterfowl hatchery. Ducklings are available from day old for domestic ducks. Season for ducklings runs from March to June, some fully grown ducks may be available later in the autumn. Please Pre-order early ducklings by emailing 

DOMESTIC: Call Ducks, Black East Indians, Miniature Crested, Aylesbury Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Campbell, Indian Runners, Magpies, Hookbill, German Pekin (White or Appleyard), Rouen, Orpington..

OTHER: Pochard, Whistling Duck, White Faced Whistler, Mandarin, Puna Teal, Hottentot Teal, Wigeon, Bahama Pintail, Silver Bahama Pintail, Fulvious Whistling Duck..

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