IMPECCABLY DRY - Disinfectant Powder 1.5kg

IMPECCABLY DRY - Disinfectant Powder 1.5kg

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Soak up moisture and disinfect in one easy step with the brand new Deo-Dry Disinfectant Powder.

Created with a unique formula, this fine powder spreads easily like flour and contains a DEFRA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant. 

Designed to freshen up your nest box or hen house in no time, this sanitising powder can be layered underneath or on top of shavings or whichever bedding you use and will remain active against pathogens for up to one week.

  • Absorbs ammonia quickly, leaving behind a fresh bubblegum scent
  • Great for disease prevention in animals housing
  • Suitable for all types of livestock
  • Kills most pathogens in 5 minutes
  • Easy to use, strong resealable bucket
  • 1.5kg
  • Safe to put into compost, but can make the compost slightly alkaline

Directions for use: 

Apply by hand or by blower, 50-100g per square metre as required. We recommend layering Deo-Dry Powder with your choice of bedding for maximum absorbency.

Did you know?

Insects such as red mite are attracted to moisture and waste. Deo-Dry Disinfectant Powder quickly absorbs any moisture, dramatically reducing the number of insects your bedding attracts.