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For numerous reasons we have made the decision not to breed our own poultry during 2023. However, we have teamed up with another fantastic breeder to ensure all our customers can still make their flocks fabulous. 

Fully vaccinated hens of the following breeds are available for delivery or collection from a number of pick up points through the UK. 

Bantams breeds available: 

Pekin bantams, Silkies, Wyandotte bantams, Sablepoots, Polish, Frizzle pekins and the very special Faverolle bantams. 

Largefowl breeds available: 

Brahma, Cochin, Houdan, Leghorn, Orpington, Vorwerk, Plymouth Rock and more! 


To order your hens through our partner, please visit:

Chickens to Your Door

During check out, in the "Where did you hear about us",  please select "Sabina, Feather & Egg".

All their hens can be collected from sites across Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Devon and West Sussex. NEXT COLLECTIONS AND DELIVERIES WILL BE IN MID JUNE 2023. 


If you need help putting your order together or choosing your breeds then drop me a message at this is the fun bit!! 

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